Presbytery Meeting

The Presbytery of the Northern Plains (PNP) holds two slated meetings each year: one in the spring and the other in the fall. The dates are selected by taking into consideration weather, church calendars, and planting/harvesting. No one date is perfect so we ask that each congregation do their best to encourage attendance of at least their voting delegate and pastoral leader. However, all are always welcome to attend.

The agendas of these meetings include inspirational worship, education focused on issues facing Northern Plains churches, fellowship, and business. Voting matters are intended to be no more than 50% of meeting time.

At times a Special Meeting may be called as needed for the work of the Presbytery. The Moderator (if unable, the Stated Clerk) shall call a special meeting at the request, or with the concurrence, of two teaching elders and two ruling elders (from different congregations). Notice of a special meeting shall be sent out no less than ten days in advance to each teaching elder and to the session of every church. The notice shall outline the purpose of the meeting, and no other business other than that listed in the notice shall be transacted.

Upcoming Meeting

Stay tuned for information on our Spring 2022 Presbtery Meeting