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The Presbytery of the Northern Plains and the Chogoria Presbytery (Kenya) have committed themselves to partnership in order to be “mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12 NRSV) and thereby strengthened in our ministries.  This partnership is intended to provide to both parties a variety of gifts through building a relationship through exchanging knowledge, through prayer for one another, through sister congregations, and by engaging in joint activities. We seek to display the unity in Jesus Christ which bridges even the divisions of culture, race, language, and geography.


Bible Studies: Two different Bible studies have been prepared for joint usage of the sister Presbyteries of Chogoria Presbytery of Kenya and Northern Plains Presbytery. They are free for your use:




Computer School


—The Computer School has a teacher employed and has 21 students undergoing training. In early June, a class of 11 graduated. We sent 84.000 Kenya Shillings to purchase two new computers and our partners in Kenya added 31,000 to make the purchase possible. (Total approximately $1,000 USD)


Kajiampau Youth Polytechnic Program 


—There are seven courses currently being offered: masonry, carpentry and joinery, tailoring, dressmaking, hairdressing and beauty therapy, motor vehicle mechanics and driving, and ICT (Computer Technology). There are nine instructors teaching these courses. The support of two teachers from the West Fargo Community Church has facilitated the creation of two new courses, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy and IT. Much appreciation is sent for the support of these two teachers. There are 151 trainees in the various programs. Four staff houses have been constructed and a dining hall is being built.


Mpangua School


—In April 2014, Mpangua School was registered with Kenya’s Ministry of Education and is thus a public school. This school has grown in the last year from 76 students to 152 students. Enrollment is expected to increase as the school continues to develop as the next closest school is 3km away. Classes are now available for preschool age through grade 5. Last year, the ministry team donated desks for two classrooms. They were built on-site by the team from the presbytery and the parents of Mpangua. We have raised approximately $6,000 to construct the first classroom of the new permanent classrooms being built. These rooms will replace the temporary mud structure currently being used. The county government donated funds for three more rooms that are close to completion. The Chogoria Presbyteries have pledged $500 toward the construction process. Therefore, the school has two permanent classrooms and two temporary classrooms with mud walls and earthen floors. The school’s needs are as follows: The completion of the current four classrooms, construction of four new classrooms, staff room and a kitchen, proper school fencing, installation of piped water (the school uses river water which is 2km away), construction of latrines that will meet the public health standards, more desks for students and teachers, and more teachers. There is no electricity. The parents are engaged and full of hope that this school will continue to grow strong under the leadership of the enthusiastic head Teacher, Beth Kairiba. Thank you for the many ways Presbytery of the Northern Plains has been of assistance.


Dresses made by Presbytery Women


—Dresses were distributed to Iruri and Mpangua schools. It was really fun to come across little girls wearing the dresses as we passed them on the road!