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Resources for Churches

We project lyrics onto the screen during worship, do we need a license? 

We broadcast our worship service live on Facebook, do we need a license?

We photocopy sheet music for our choir members, do we need a license?

What software program is best for our church to use?

What are some online giving options for our church to implement?

Help! I lost my lectionary calendar and I need to know today's readings.

I am a PC(USA) college student, is there a scholarship I can apply for?

I am attending a Presbyterian University, are there scholarships for PC(USA) members?

I am planning a career in the church, is there a scholarship to assist me?

Is there a grant we could apply for to help our ability to ... ?

Do you have a worship note template for our Sunday School youth?

Are there weekly PC(USA) liturgies that we can use to help plan a worship service?

Is there a copy of our Hymnal online?

What is a Christian educator?

How do I become a Christian Educator?

Where can I find PC(USA) Curriculum for our church?

How do we begin the process for calling a new Pastor?

Do you have a copy of Deb Demeester's (synod director) presentation from the 2022 Spring Presbytery Meeting?

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