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Pod Structure

The Presbytery of the Northern Plains adopted a pod structure to help us more efficiently handle our responsibilities and tasks
set forward in our goal of “Looking to the future and figuring out how to be the church today".

The pod structure divides the Presbytery's responsibilities into four core areas.
Pods work like a committee, except each responsibility assigned to a pod will have a task leader.
These task leaders make up the membership of the pod along with a chairperson.

Depending on the size of the assigned task, one person may be responsible or additional people may be recruited.
If this happens, it will be similar in function to a council, with subcommittees reporting back to the pod.

Historical Pod
Restructuring Documents


Ensures that all Presbytery duties are completed and will relay important information to each other to foster a working relationship between all leadership within the Presbytery

Pod Members

Chair of Leadership:
Paul Campbell

Moderator of Presbytery:
Tom Brusegaard

Vice Moderator of Presbytery:

Sylvia Pringle

Chair of Care for Congregations Pod:
Sarah Bigwood
Chair of Care for Pastoral Leaders Pod:

Mary Holtey

Financial Task Force Leader:

Sherri Stern

Chair of Mission Pod:

Donna Preston
Chair of CPM Pod:
Spencer Homan

Personnel Committee Leader:
Jamie Norstog

Nominating Committee Leader:

Robert Drake


Ellen Misialek
Stated Clerk:
Adam Montgomery

Connectional Care Pastor:
Deanna Reikow
Communications Coordinator

(non voting member)

Jenn Kolodka

Care for Pastoral Leaders

Works with Ministers of the Word and Sacrament, Commissioned and Trained Lay Pastors and other Pastoral Leaders

Pod Members

Chair of Pod:

Mary Holtey

Pod Members:

Sylvia Pringle

Elaine Sveet

Robert Boyar

Deb Burger-Peery

Care for Congregations

Works with congregations to maintain a healthy environment between congregants, leadership and with other congregations.

Pod Members

Chair of Pod:
Sarah Bigwood

Pod Members:

Deanna Reikow

Cathie Bishop
Ellen Misialek

Rusty Bender


Responsible for developing strategy for the missions of this Presbytery and to foster communication between church ministry teams and mission organizations

Pod Members

Chair of Pod:
Donna Preston (Pw)

Pod Members:
Kayla Bones (Youth Connection)
Jamie Norstog, Kayla Bones,
& Carrie Leopold (Chogoria)

Chandra Mendieta (Bdecan)

Bill Weispfenning (U of Jamestown)

Maggie Sambo (Clearwater Forest)

Casey Chapman (Clearwater Forest)

George O'Neil (SDOP)


Guides and answers questions for those who feel called into ministry as a Minister of Word and Sacrament or as a Commissioned Lay Pastor

Pod Members

Chair of Pod:
Spencer Homan

Pod Members:

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