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Pod Structure


The Leadership Pod will ensure that “Presbytery assisted duties” are completed and relay important communication to each other to foster a joint working relationship between all leadership within the Presbytery

Care for Pastoral Leaders

The Care for Pastoral Leaders Pod will work with Ministers of the Word and Sacrament, Commissioned and Trained Lay Pastors and other Pastoral Leaders

Care for Congregations

The pod will work with congregations to maintain a healthy environment between congregants, leadership and with other congregations.


The Mission Pod is responsible for developing strategy for the mission for the Presbytery of the Northern Plains and to foster communication between the ministry teams and other Presbytery mission focused relationships


 CPM will guide and answer questions of those who are feeling called into ministry as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament or to be Commissioned Lay Pastor

The Presbytery of the Northern Plains adopted a structure to help us more efficiently accomplish our responsibilities and tasks set forward in our goal of “Looking to the future and figuring out how to be the church today,” which our church takes very seriously.

The structure breaks down the Presbytery responsibilities into four core areas of responsibilities.

These core areas of responsibilities are being called pods, and work in the same ways a committee would except for a major difference: each task responsibility assigned to a pod will have a task leader. These task leaders make up the membership of the pod along with the chairperson.

Depending on the size of the assigned task, one person may be responsible to ensure the task is completed and report back to the pod. However, if a task is large enough additional people may be recruited to ensure the task is completed. If this happens, it will be similar to how a council works or how the Committee on Ministry has sub-committee’s which report to them.

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