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Bdecan Presbyterian Church
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Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved
with this ministry team contact
Chandra Mendieta

Financial Support

There are multiple ways that you can financially support this ministry team.

  • Mail in your financial support
    Please make checks payable to:

         Presbytery of the Northern Plains

           5555 South Washington St

           Grand Forks, ND 58201

  • Donate online through PayPal​


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The Bdecan Ministry Team is a mission of PCUSA, the Presbytery of the Northern Plains, and the Bdecan Presbyterian Church.
The Bdecan Church is a Dakota Presbytery church located
in Tokio, ND, on the Spirit Lake Reservation.
It is the only Dakota Presbyterian church located within the geographic bounds of the Presbytery of the Northern Plains.

The goal of the Bdecan Church is to listen to the Dakota Nation
to support, serve, and empower their community in the areas
they deem necessary to meet the material and spiritual needs
of the community.


The Bdecan Ministry Team works together with the Bdecan Church and the Dakota Nation to improve the quality of life for the Dakota people and others near the Spirit Lake Reservation. 


It is important to note that we do these things not by preaching, assimilation, or erasure but by listening to and being led by the community members, acknowledging, respecting,
and uplifting the values and beliefs of the Dakota Nation.
We strive to learn from their stories and how we can help them to be stronger and more empowered.


To learn more about the Bdecan Presbyterian Church,
visit their website at:

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