Permanent Judicial Commission

In accordance with D-5.0000, a Permanent Judicial Commission (PJC) shall be elected. It shall consist of seven members with ministers of the Word and Sacrament and ruling elders in numbers as nearly equal as possible. The term of office shall be six years. Any vacancy may be filled by the Presbytery at its next meeting by the election of a person for the remainder of the unexpired term. No person who has served on the Permanent Judicial Commission for a full term of six years shall be eligible for re-election. 


The powers and procedures of the Permanent Judicial Commission shall be specified in D-5.0000.


In the event that the need for either a Committee of Counsel (D-6.0302) or an Investigating Committee (D-10.0201) rises in the interim between meetings of Presbytery, the Moderator and Stated Clerk, acting jointly, are authorized to appoint either of these committees. Should either the Moderator or the Stated Clerk be a party to the issue creating the need for the appointment, the other shall make the appointment acting jointly with the chairperson of the Leadership Pod. One of the members of either of these committees should be a trial lawyer.

PJC Members:

  • Bruce Berg, Ruling Elder, Jamestown

  • Connie Cleveland, Ruling Elder, Fargo

  • Robin Dill, Minister of the Word and Sacrament

  • Trudy Dumont, Minister of the Word and Sacrament

  • Gretchen Graf, Minister of the Word and Sacrament

  • Fred MacGregor, Ruling Elder, Grand Forks

  • Betty Younggren, Ruling Elder, Hallock


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