Care for Pastoral Leaders Pod

The Care for Pastoral Leaders Pod will work with Ministers of the Word and Sacrament, Commissioned and Trained Lay Pastors and other Pastoral Leaders. Also, if conflicts between a congregation and pastoral leader become known, this pod may create conflict mediator team to help address the situation. 

Additional responsibilities outlined in the bylaws:

  1. Process by which pastoral leaders enter and leave the Presbytery and shall have the powers described in G-3.0307.

  2. For the care, following, and oversight of inquirers and candidates, the commissioned ruling elders, and the continuing education of ministers of the Word and Sacrament. 

  3. To approve annually the status of at-large members and validated ministries.

Additional responsibilities outlined in the policies:

  1. Will oversee the ordination process for ministers of the Word and Sacrament and Commissioned Lay Pastors (P-100.01)

  2. Will collect and review the annual reviews of the Commissioned Lay Pastors (P-100.01)

  3. Can grant a commission to a TLP, when a church, the presbytery or another approved institution extends an invitation to serve (P-100.01).

  4. Aid in Ordination/Installation service through the work of the Installations/Ordinations Task Leader (P-100.02)

  5. Make a recommendation regarding a pastoral leaders membership in this Presbytery P-100.04)

  6. Will oversee the Policies for compension packages and reimbursement (P-400.01)

  7. Resource to ministers of the Word and Sacrament and congregations, particularly where pastoral vacancies occur (P-500.03).

  8. When appropriate, to facilitate the employment of interim leadership competent to manage any conflict associated with the sexual misconduct case (P-500.03).

  9. Will receive the report of pastoral leaders who are out of compliance of SEXUAL MISCONDUCT POLICY AND PROCEDURES (P-500.03).

Care for Pastoral Leaders Pod membership:

Mary Holte, POD Chair

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Robert Boyar, Membership Admissions and Departures Task Leader

Deb Burger-Peery, Conflict Mediator Task Leader

Sylvia Pringle, Installation/Ordination Task Leader

Elaine Sveet, Ecumenical Relations Task Leader

Diane Wray-Williams, Pastoral Relations Task Leader

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