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To facilitate and enhance the work of the Presbytery, persons may gather themselves around an issue or area of ministry for which they have a passion and concern.  Normally, such teams should consist of a minimum of three people from three different congregations in the presbytery and should apply to the Council for recognition. In doing so, the new team should offer a brief description of its purpose, its membership, and what, if anything, it is expecting from the Presbytery.  Teams will abide by the policy for Committee and Team Chairs in establishing leadership. Once recognized, the ministry team shall submit a written report of its activities at least semi-annually to the Council and annually to the Presbytery. If a team is receiving funds from Presbytery, it must meet, either in person or electronically, at least twice annually. These meetings must have minutes which indicate a quorum was present and voted on the use of fund.  Each Ministry Team shall designate voting representation to Council with no person representing that Ministry Team to serve more than six consecutive years. The Council shall submit an annual report to Presbytery, indicating which ministry teams are actively complying with the above guidelines.


If you would like to participate or interest in forming a new ministry team, contact the Presbytery office for more information at


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