Leadership Pod

The Leadership Pod will ensure that “Presbytery assisted duties” are completed and relay important communication to each other to foster a joint working relationship between all leadership within the Presbytery. It shall handle, consider and make recommendations concerning administrative and programmatic business that has been referred to it by the Presbytery. 

Additional responsibilities outlined in the bylaws:

  1. To direct the work of employed administrative personnel, and to terminate or accept, between stated meetings of the Presbytery, the resignation of administrative staff. To ensure all personnel issues are being addressed and annual reviews are completed of all Presbytery staff (also see P-300.01)

  2. To consider and act upon requests from particular churches for permission to take the actions regarding real property described in G-4.02 and P-200.01

  3. To prepare the docket of business for the meeting of the Presbytery.

  4. To develop, prepare, and propose the Presbytery's budget and to supervise the receipt and distribution of funds.

  5. In fulfillment of the requirements of F-1.0403, to nominate for election by Presbytery the members of Presbytery's Nominating Committee.

Additional responsibilities outlined in the policies:

  1. Is one of the bodies which can receive a proposal from the Stated Clerk regarding congregations building, remodeling, selling or puchasing real property within its bounds. (P-200.01)

  2. Shall address concerns regarding Presbytery staff (P-300.04).

  3. Making recommendations as to priorities of the Presbytery at the Spring Stated Meeting of the Presbytery (P-400.02).

  4. Supervise and approve all grants on behalf of the Presbytery. All grant requests should be submitted in writing to the Leadership Pod (P-400.02).

  5. Determine who shall be authorized to sign checks and vouchers (P-400.02).

  6. Administer the Endowment Fund (P-400.03 & P-400.04).

  7. Administer restricted and unrestricted gifts (P-400.04).

  8. Through it Records Task Leader ensure there is a process in which Session Records are reviewed annually (P-500.02).

  9. To secure meeting locations and provide host congregations with the Information for Hosting Presbytery Sheet (P-500.05).

Resources and handbooks:

. . . more to come soon.

Leadership Pod Members:
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Paul Campbell

Pod Leader


Tom Brusegaard

Moderator of the Presbytery

Sylvia Pringle 2012.jpg

Sylvia Pringle

Vice Moderator of the Presbytery

Michael Lochow 2011.jpg

Michael Lochow

Stated Clerk

Holtey, M..jpg

Rev. Mary Holte

Pastoral Leaders Pod Rep


Rev. Spencer Homan

Continuing Preparation for Ministry Pod Rep

Donna Preston 2011.jpg

Donna Preston

Mission Pod Rep

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Rev Robert Drake

Chair, Nominating Committee

Holtey, M..jpg

Rev. Mary Jo Holtey, 

Committee on Representation Chair


Ellen Misialek


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Sherri Stern 

Financial Task Leader


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