Committee On Representation

A Committee on Representation (COR) shall be elected in conformity with G-3.0103 and have the responsibilities described there. COR will ensure that Northern Plain's is embracing its diversity and that it is reflected in the leadership at the Presbytery level. 

COR Members:

  • Rev. Mary Jo Holtey, Chairperson

  • Elizabeth Sherfy

  • Lana Schultz

Resources and handbooks:

. . . more coming soon.

"The councils of the church shall give full expression to the rich diversity of the church’s membership and shall provide for full participation and access to representation in decision-making and employment practices (F-1.0403). In fulfilling this commitment, councils shall give due consideration to both the gifts and requirements for ministry (G-2.0104) and the right of people in congregations and councils to elect their officers" (F-3.0106).  


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