Care for Congregations Pod

The pod will work with congregations to maintain a healthy environment between congregants, leadership and with other congregations. 

Additional responsibilities outlined in the bylaws:

  1. To aid in securing session moderators, assisting churches with pastoral leadership, working with other Pod Chairs when conflicts arise between a congregation and their pastoral leader, and providing mediation for congregations.

Additional responsibilities outlined in the policies:

  1. Oversee the process by which a congregation seeking a ruling elder commissioned as pastor gets matched with a suitable candidate (P-100.01).

  2. Work with the parties in developing a written local commission (P-100.01).

  3. Will be conducted annual reviews on Commissioned Lay Pastors (P-100.01).

  4. Will provide guidance in establishing a Pastor Nominating Committee and work with that Committee (P-100.03).

  5. Certify Ruling Elders to serve communion in their home congregation which is without a minister of the Word and Sacrement (P-100.08). 

  6. Provide resources on closing a church (P-200.02).

  7. Will aid in the formation of larger parish when called apond (P-200.04)

  8. Oversee Policy for Churches with a Manse (P-200.06).

  9. Provide Affirmative Action Equal Employment Opportunity form (P-300.02).

  10. Shall be the reporting channel of either positive or negative results on background checks (P-500.03).

  11. Immediately begin work with the session and congregation to provide appropriate replacement services if administrative leave is deemed appropriate because of report of suspected sexual misconduct (P-500.03).

  12. Be in consultation with Pastoral Response Team of what support and services can be offered to a congregation (P-500.03).

Resources and handbooks:

. . . more to come soon.

Care for Congregations Pod Members:

Leanne Simmons, Pod Leader

Care for Congregations Pod Leader is to lead this group to maintain and foster a healthy environment in Northern Plains congregations.

Cathy Bishop, Conflict Mediator Task Leader

Conflict Mediator Task Leader deploys or organizes deployment when mediation is needed, most notably between a congregation/session and pastoral leadership will have a position in this pod with full voice and vote.

Paul Lang, Session Moderator Task Leader

Session Moderator Task Leader serves as a liaison between the Care for Congregations Pod and the PNP Moderator as session moderators are appointed and will have a position in this pod with full voice and vote

Kevin Kaufmann, Vacancy Counselor Task Leader

Vacancy Counselor Task Leader appoints and oversees all the vacancy counselors as they work with congregations/PNCs while they are without pastoral leadership and will have a position in this pod with full voice and vote.

Gracia Fulwiler, Wellness Care Visit Task Leader

Wellness Care Visit Task Leader oversees the Wellness Care Visits which is a means to become more supportive of the individual congregations and will have a position in this pod with full voice and vote.

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